Scope smarter, not harder: Social media strategy scope of work template

Having a solid scope of work can make or break a project.

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So, you’ve got a client on the hook for a social media project and they want to see a scope of work. Great! What’s next? 

Time to sit down to plan out the different parts of your scope of work, from research and discovery to production and execution. Today, we’re giving you a leg-up by sharing a social media strategy scope of work template for a comprehensive social media project. Interested in exploring the whole library? Check out all of our free scope of work templates here!

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Social Media Strategy Scope of Work ($26,850 total)

This all-encompassing social media strategy scope of work template covers a lot of ground. From background research to strategy and design, this is the template to use if you’re working with a client who wants an end-to-end social media makeover. Perhaps they’re even starting from ground zero. We’ve broken down the entire project into three main phases:

  • Background Research and Strategy
  • Content and Channel Growth Plan
  • Guidelines and Best Practices

Each phase is then broken down into individual services with peer-sourced pricing recommendations. From there, you can easily edit, remove, or swap around these services. If they look good to you, just simply keep as-is! Flexibility is the name of the game, so we’ve designed these scope of work templates with adjustability in mind.

1. Background Research and Strategy ($14,700)

Phase description: “In order to get your team up to speed and aligned on the opportunity for the client, we’ll do a deep dive into past strategy, successes, and challenges for your organization. We’ll also look at things happening in and out of your category to identify the right conversations for the client to join and lead moving forward.”

To launch the project, we’ve built in a discovery phase that covers kick off calls, social media audits, competitor audits, and more. This is also where we’ve planned for building audience personas and setting social media goals.

Want the full breakdown of this Phase One? Explore the social media strategy scope of work template.

2. Content and Channel Growth Plan ($6,300)

Phase description: “Based on what we learned in our strategy portion, we’ll pitch ideas and assemble plans that give a light overview of what’s possible in six months. Knowing your channel mix, we’ll put together our recommendations for five platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.”

This is where things get fun. After the research and strategy is done, we’re ready to get into the deep-end of this project. That means proposing ideas for possible social media assets, developing a content partnership strategy, and building the content calendar. We’ve even included a “build social media influencer targets” service if you want to leverage influencer relations into your social media strategy.

Want the full breakdown of this Phase Two? Explore the social media strategy scope of work template.

3. Guidelines and Best Practices ($5,268)

Phase description: “To set the client’s team up for success, we’ll author a guide that summarizes all of our findings and provides creative recommendations (look, feel, tone) by content format type and platform.”

Last but not least, it’s time to execute on the strategies we’ve laid out. Beyond designing assets and writing social media captions, it’s critical to leave your client with the right social media tools. This could be a tone of voice guide, social media playbook, or mood boards that can support your client after you’ve delivered a comprehensive social media strategy.

Are you more of a strategist and would rather team up with a designer or copywriter to get the assets together? Find collaborators on Wethos and invite them directly to your project. Then, track their progress on individual tasks with our project dashboard so you can put more energy towards your favorite parts: strategizing and ideating.

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