Team up for a serverless web app development scope of work worth $21K

Looking to win a serverless web app development project? Consider teaming up and using our top serverless web app development scope of work template.

Welcome to Scope Smarter, Not Harder, a series from Wethos highlighting our services and scope of work templates from the Wethos Services Library. In this installment, we’re highlighting our Serverless Web App Development scope of work template!

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Here’s our breakdown of an Serverless Web App Development scope of work so you know how to charge for your next project!

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Serverless Web App Development scope of work total: $21,000

Phase 1: Discovery for $4,500

This proiect calls for the expertise of three roles: a product manager, UX/UI designer, and a full-stack developer. If you’re in one of these roles and want to win a project like this, it’s time to team up with your fellow independents

The product manager kicks off the first phase of the project which is dedicated to reviewing all background materials and requirements provided by the client. The product manager will start by holding a discovery meeting ($900) and will follow that up with an audit of the client’s competitors to determine how to differentiate the client’s offering ($1,500).

Based on the client’s requirements, research into the various serverless providers needed will also be done and the phase will end with a serverless stack being decided on. The product manager will put together one document with all of the application requirements that capture the depth and breadth of application functionality ($1,500) as well as develop a detailed project timeline that will help every team member stay on track for each milestone ($600).

Phase 2: Design for $5,700

For the design phase, it’s time for the team’s UX/UI designer to work their magic. 

This phase is dedicated to exploring and establishing user flows, sketching wireframes, and creating high fidelity mockups. This phase also highlights the importance of outlining clear deliverables in the scope of work to prevent scope creep. For example, the designer will build up to three journeys for ‎‎‎‎$1,500, design wireframes for up to five pages for $1,500, and build two sitemaps for $200. If your project scope calls for more or less deliverables, state that clearly in the terms and adjust the price accordingly.

A design system should also be formalized (one system for $900) and prototyping should be done in some sort of experience design tool such as Figma or Adobe XD. Create up to two clickable mobile app mockups for $900.

Phase 3: Architecture Design for $3,500

Next, a full-stack developer will come in and take over the rest of the phases of the serverless web app development scope of work. 

The architecture design phase is dedicated to designing and determining what infrastructure is needed to support the mobile application interface design. This includes determining database structure, significant events and scheduled backend scrips. The developer will design one application for $1,200. 

They’ll also use this phase to develop the backend business logic needed to support the application interface which includes configuring any external integrations. Design one application for $2,300.

Phase 4: Development for $4,200

For the development phase, the full-stack developer will focus on the development of the back-end serverless functions, middleware services, and the front-end web application.

They’ll start by uploading, backing up and storing all source code on a repository for $300. Next, they’ll develop up to five serverless functions for all planned micro-services ($2,400). This can be done using services like AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions or Azure Functions.

The developer will wrap up this phase by developing one interactive mobile app for $1,500.

Phase 5: Testing & Deployment for $3,100

Time for testing! The final phase of the serverless web app development scope of work is in the hands of the full-stack developer. 

They’ll start with developing up to 10 unit tests to determine if the output correctly correlates with the input and run the tests to ensure they pass ($1,500). Once those have successfully passed, they’ll follow it up by executing a test of the entire website, up to 20 pages and in up to three browser versions. Our scope recommends up to 10 tests for $1,500. 

Finally, they’ll wrap up the project by preparing and deploying cloud services for $900.

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