Sharing is Caring: Contribute to Wethos Community Templates

At Wethos, we value collaboration over competition.

As knowledge is power, we believe creating a system that enables studios to not only share their scopes, but also their prices, will make the creative community stronger (and hopefully, that means more money in your pockets).

Wondering WTF is a scope template? Check out a sample in this share link, or below:

If you’re a Producer leading a video campaign or a Communications Strategist overseeing a large-scale initiative spanning social media, growth marketing, and graphic design, we want to provide a guide that includes the most relevant services and roles that’ll make your project a success. So we’ve done just that, and are now opening up opportunities for our community to submit scopes that will continue to power the engine. Finally, a collection of scopes for projects made for creatives, by creatives. Spend less time on back-office admin work, and more time winning larger projects.

Did we mention you can make money while supporting the entire community with your ✨beautiful✨ scopes?

That’s right — through the end of March you’ll get $40 for every scope we accept (and for scopes not selected, we’ll give you $5 for every 5 templates you submit to add to your much-needed coffee budget).

Just go to teams.wethos.co, log in, and get started. The goal is to expand our community’s current library so you’re able to quickly create scopes for new types of projects, so get as creative as you’d like. You’ll likely need to create custom deliverables to use in the scope, as well as adjust the pricing to what makes the most sense for you (more in our help center about scoping here). 

The more changes you make to the scope in our system, the better. We take those learnings to continuously improve the data so our community can consistently get better and better at securing projects and making more money.

🔥 Hot Tip 🔥 We’re specifically looking for scope templates in the following areas:

  • Content Creation: Content Strategy, Social Media Video/Photo Content Creation, Social Media Management; all with a focus on channel-specific strategies across Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter
  • Web + Mobile App Development/Design within Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, Android, and iOS
  • Graphic, Print, and Merchandise Design
  • Influencer Marketing, with a channel-specific focus on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch
  • Public Relations
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Production

Bring your value to the Library here, and let’s secure the bag together.  💸 💸 💸