Simplified Scoping: How Wethos Saves Freelancers Time and Earn More

With freelancing comes the ability to focus on work you love, partner with dream clients, and be in control of your time. Something that can eat away at that time is managing administrative tasks that keep the business running.

Here’s how one solopreneur used Wethos to significantly cut down the time it took to manage business tasks — and increase their revenue in the process.

Meet Molly

Molly Montag is the solopreneur behind Molly Montag Communications. After 15 years of experience working in advertising agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and startup environments, Montag took the leap into independent work in 2019. She offers a variety of marketing and communications services — including content marketing, branding, website development, and social media management — to clients in both B2B and B2C markets.

When she was getting started with her business, Montag turned to traditional tools including Microsoft Word, Excel, and even a trusty notebook to attempt to manage her processes and client workload. 

“I didn’t have a great place where I was tracking leads or contracts, and I didn’t have project templates,” said Montag. “All of that documentation was all over the place.”

She knew there had to be a better way to streamline her processes if she wanted to grow and scale her independent business.

Unsustainable System

Like many freelancers, Montag wanted to build a sustainable freelance business. She sought complete work autonomy and wanted to focus on the work she loves, while also prioritizing her family life. However, the time she spent on business tasks, like putting together proposals, was taking valuable time and energy away from achieving those goals. 

Montag’s turning point was when she found herself turning away business to focus on current commitments and tasks. 

“There was a point where [I] was like, you know what? I’ve either got to figure this out and find a solution, or throw my hands up and give up. And I was not ready to give up.”

That’s when she discovered Wethos.

Simplified Scoping

Montag began using Wethos’ all-in-one freelance platform for scoping so she could confidently — and quickly — put together client proposals. 

“The scoping templates are a huge differentiator,” said Montag. “Something that used to take me three hours to scope now takes me 30 minutes. I mean, you will never get that time back.”

While Montag previously spent valuable time juggling multiple processes across a variety of tools, she now also relies on Wethos to streamline lead management. Wethos enables her to keep her clients’ key information organized without ever having to switch tabs. 

“I wanted it all,” she explains. “I wanted simplicity, I wanted something more comprehensive, [and] I wanted something that would help me make things repeatable. Finding things that are simple and easy to use is key for me. And Wethos is simple.”

More Revenue, More Time

Wethos’ scoping and proposal tool has helped Montag significantly decrease the time spent on business admin. Now, instead of turning away work to focus on administrative tasks, she can keep up with her rapidly growing business — which means securing and making more, while also ensuring her personal life and wellbeing remains the top priority. 

“Wethos has allowed me to do things smarter and faster,” said Montag. “Because I feel more confident and have been able to reduce the time it takes to do some of those [business] tasks, I’ve been able to increase my capacity by 50%, which means more revenue.”

Now that Wethos has empowered her to prioritize revenue-focused work like client projects, instead of business administration, Montag is able to use the additional time saved to spend her non-working hours on life outside of business.

“Wethos gave me time back so that my priorities with my family get taken care of first,” says Montag. “As a solopreneur who is trying to grow and scale, who you partner with and who you put in your circle really matters and impacts your every day.” After bringing Wethos into that circle, she adds, “I really feel like Wethos is an extension of me and my business.”

Our 2020 Freelance Founder Report found that freelancers spend more than 19 hours a month on financial management and staffing-related tasks. 

Without a system in place to manage these tasks, freelancers are left:

  • Toggling between multiple tools to create proposals, scopes, and invoices 
  • Lacking a system or process for prospecting or onboarding clients 
  • Spending mental energy tailoring proposals for every potential client

With the right tool, freelancers can take back their time, earn more money, and scale their business in a sustainable way.

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