Stack your client pipeline part three: Make your service irresistible

I’m Halli of Herland Brand, a brand design studio that helps women-led businesses raise the bar on their brand. Welcome to Part Three of Stack Your Client Pipeline.

When I was first starting my business, I didn’t know where my next client was coming from. It was the same cycle: I would book a couple of clients, do a happy dance, then get to work. But as the project was coming to an end, I’d start panic-emailing everyone I knew to see if they needed any design work. I’d inevitably get another project from doing this, but I knew this wasn’t a sustainable way to run a business. I had to do SOMETHING to end this vicious client scarcity cycle.

After much trial and error, I found three tactics to be some of the missing puzzle pieces that have gotten me a consistent inflow of amazing clients. In this three-part blog series, I’ll dive into them on a deeper level. Here’s my third insight:

Sell your service, and sell it well

This is kind of an obvious one, but how are people going to know what you offer if you don’t make offers?! What helped make selling easier for me is the above two items — picking my ideal client and focusing on one service — because it made things simple, clear, and helped me understand my clients’ struggles.

Paint the picture

Reading Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller was really helpful in understanding how to position myself as a guide who can help customers get from A to B. When I talk about what I do, I take people on a journey that paints a picture of what it’s like to invest in this service. Usually by the time they get on a call with me, they’ve already made the decision that they need branding. It feels more like a conversation on how I can solve their problems rather than a sales call.

Get your mind right

It can be a bit scary getting on a call with a potential client. Preparing questions and an outline for the call was useful, but working on my mindset is what really helped me. Before, I would get down on myself if I didn’t get a project, or the imposter syndrome would kick in. I had to change my mindset so that I wouldn’t emotionally attach to every potential project.

Now, I go into each call with the mindset of knowing I’ll be okay if they say no. I reframe their no’s as an opportunity to learn and to open a door for new opportunities. There’s a level of trust in yourself that you have to build, to know that you will always land on your feet. That the universe is on your side. I could write an entire article just about mindset, so maybe I will!

Halli Herzog

Owner & Brand Designer at Herland Brand Studio

Halli Herzog is the creative business brain behind Herland Brand. With many years of partnering with small businesses and entrepreneurs, her goal is to help brands feel like a breath of fresh air, bringing ease and peace of mind.