Stack your client pipeline part two: Focus on one main service

I’m Halli of Herland Brand, a brand design studio that helps women-led businesses raise the bar on their brand. Welcome to Part Two of Stack Your Client Pipeline.

When I was first starting my business, I didn’t know where my next client was coming from. It was the same cycle: I would book a couple of clients, do a happy dance, then get to work. But as the project was coming to an end, I’d start panic-emailing everyone I knew to see if they needed any design work. I’d inevitably get another project from doing this, but I knew this wasn’t a sustainable way to run a business. I had to do SOMETHING to end this vicious client scarcity cycle.

After much trial and error, I found three tactics to be some of the missing puzzle pieces that have gotten me a consistent inflow of amazing clients. In this three-part blog series, I’ll dive into them on a deeper level. Here’s the second learning:

Focus on one main service

In the beginning, I took anything that came my way. This was great because I got to work on an array of projects, level-up my skills, work with a lot of different companies, and see what common themes businesses need in regard to design. But I quickly realized I was getting overwhelmed saying yes to any and all graphic design projects. I felt confused as to what I offered, how to price it (not anymore with the Wethos platform), and the process I’d take to complete it.

In the book, Profit First, they talk about streamlining your business and offering less services to maximize profit. I decided to try it — offer one type of design service and sell. I was always most excited about working on branding projects, so I chose to focus on that. This doesn’t mean I don’t offer other graphic design services, I just focus on that one offering.

Offering one service brings clarity to both you AND the customer.

I am no stranger to the ‘shiny object syndrome.‘ There are so many services I’d love to offer my customers. But with the crazy amount of noise out there on the internet, people need things to be clear and simple. How many times have you left a website because it wasn’t immediately apparent what the site was about? Once I focused on only selling branding, it became very clear to my clients as to what I offer.

It’s also confusing for yourself. When I would take on any project, I felt like I was starting over every time trying to figure out a timeline, how to price it, and how to execute it. When I limited my services, I always had a base of where to start from. I knew how to go about executing it and pricing it. This saved me so much time and energy. Once you get that one service streamlined, you can always expand from there, which is what I plan to do next year.

You become the expert.

People started to see me as an expert because I started focusing on branding alone. I now know exactly how to further my education so I can level-up my expertise. I can educate others on what I do.

From doing this service again and again, you will gain an immense amount of experience. You are no longer a Jack-and-Jill-of-all-trades. Combine this with your ideal client, and you can really be seen as the go-to person for what you offer.

Charge higher prices.

Once I started booking my branding service over and over, I really streamlined my process. As I fine-tune my methods to make a high-end service for my customers, I am raising my prices every so often. When your clients have an incredible experience, you can charge more for it.

Also, you can start booking out in advance for this service. This wait-list allows for you to say no to projects that aren’t a good fit, be seen as in-demand, and work with clients who have larger budgets.

As a result of charging higher prices, you are now able to take on fewer clients at a time and have more time to sell your premium service.

Halli Herzog

Owner & Brand Designer at Herland Brand Studio

Halli Herzog is the creative business brain behind Herland Brand. With many years of partnering with small businesses and entrepreneurs, her goal is to help brands feel like a breath of fresh air, bringing ease and peace of mind.