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Designers and developers alike know that an entire website overhaul is no small undertaking — which is why it’s best to team up using our website redesign scope of work template.

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Website Redesign scope of work total: $23,800

Phase 1: Exploration for $6,900

The content strategist is responsible for the first phase of the project which is dedicated to auditing the client’s existing website ($900), analyzing competitors ($1,500), and reviewing all background materials during a kick-off call with the client ($1,500).  

The strategist will also conduct an SEO audit of the existing website (up to 20 pages) to analyze how well it’s currently optimized for organic search and come up with recommendations for improvement ($1,500). 

To wrap up this phase and prepare for the rest of the redesign, the content strategist will work with the client to set high-level CRM goals and objectives and put them together in a document that everyone can refer to moving forward ($1,500).

Phase 2: Design for $4,500

After the exploration phase comes the design portion of this website redesign scope of work template. The team’s UX/UI designer will start by creating web design style guides which inform how the rest of the website interacts throughout ($600). 

Once the style guide is in place, the designer will build sitemaps ($900), design wireframes for up to 20 pages ($1,500), and design high fidelity website page mockups based on the established design ($1,500). 

In this scope of work template, the client will provide copywriting for the website. But if you want to add a copywriter to your team, you can easily add a new role to your proposal and adjust the price accordingly using Wethos.

Phase 3: Development for $12,400

For the final phase of the website redesign scope of work template, the CMS developer will translate the brand guidelines and new designs into a functional, efficient and responsive site.

The developer will start by building the foundation of the site in a staging environment, then build out the primary functionality before making final tweaks to responsiveness and SEO. Finally, they’ll test and launch the site. 

About half of the entire scope of work falls into this phase, so if necessary, you could consider bringing on an additional developer for support. 

The best part about this website redesign scope of work template? Once your proposal is approved, you can easily turn the scope into an invoice and send payments to all team members from one place.

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