Teaming up: Which roles and services complement the work you do?

Freelancing can feel like a solo effort at times — but it doesn’t have to be.

There are several opportunities to team up with freelancers whose roles or services complement your own. And when you do, you can increase your project’s scope of work and charge more — a win for everyone involved. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top templates from our scope of work library to identify overlap and see how you can team up with other independents and earn more.

Communications & Marketing Strategy

Roles involved:

  • PR Manager
  • Content Strategist 
  • Graphic Designer 
  • CMS Developer 

On paper, these roles couldn’t be more different. What does a PR manager have in common with a CMS developer? But when they work together, these freelance roles can combine their expertise to form one massive marketing scope of work worth over $27K.

If you identify as one of these roles, consider teaming up with another independent who offers complementary services. When determining which role or service complements your own, think beyond your individual contribution and consider the bigger picture. What would your client benefit from? 

Using this scope of work template as an example — if you’re a PR freelancer, you may think about ways to further support your client’s communications strategy with email marketing, social media content, and blog posts.

Event Production

Roles involved:

  • Graphic Designer 
  • Event Strategist 
  • PR Manager 
  • Photographer 
  • Videographer 
  • Data Analyst 

A full-scale event production is certainly not a solo job. It takes several team members and a variety of services to pull off a large, successful event. But that doesn’t mean solo freelancers can’t get in on the scope of work.

If you’re a photographer or videographer — which are usually pretty independent roles — consider exploring opportunities to join a team and earn more with a larger scope of work like this one.

Mobile App Development

Roles involved:

  • UX/UI Designer 
  • Full-Stack Developer 
  • Product Manager 

Are a UX designer or full-stack developer? Or maybe you have a background in product marketing and have recently taken the leap to freelance

In either case, there are plenty of opportunities to team up with a complementary role and work on a larger scope of work like this one for mobile app development.

Social Media Content Support

Roles involved:

  • Social Media Manager 
  • Copywriter
  • Graphic Designer

It’s no surprise that this social media content support template is one of our top scope of work templates. Social media services are always in high demand and there are several freelance services to offer within the social media realm. 

If you’re a social media manager or strategist, team up with a copywriter and a graphic designer to help create the content while you strategize and execute. 

Explore our public scope of work library to browse freelance roles and services that complement your own — and find your next collaborator.

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