Now on Wethos: Card payments powered by Stripe

Your business payments streamlined all in one place.

With a Wethos Payments Account, you can now accept card payments for invoices, powered by Stripe. 

We leveled up so you can too. In addition to being able to get paid through wire and bank transfer via Plaid, being powered by Stripe enables your freelance business to also accept credit and debit card payments — making it more seamless and secure to run your business and get paid.

It’s your money and we want you to keep it.

Your Wethos Payments Account is free to set up and comes with no monthly fees. You can easily create a scope, send an invoice, and receive payments (with low processing fees) seamlessly to level up and scale your business. 

With a Wethos Payments account, you can:

  • Instantly set up your free account, with no minimum balance required and zero monthly fees
  • Securely get paid via card or bank transfer, whichever your client prefers.
  • Get instant access to funds as soon as they hit your account

No more adapting to new tools with each and every client or altering your payment process per project. Now, you can get paid using whichever method your client prefers, while keeping your workflow within Wethos.

Built by freelancers, powered by tools you trust

Getting paid should be simple and exciting, and now, with your Wethos Payments Account, it will be.

Here’s what some of our users are already saying about this update to their Wethos Payments Account:

“[Wethos] is a one-stop-shop for setting up a business account, sending invoices, and having a paper trail to get paid. It’s a free tool with 1% processing [fee], and I got it set up within 48 hours.”

— David Greenberg, Founder of Greenpepper Studios

“You can scope a project and create invoices based on [the scope] and get paid all through the same platform. You don’t have to go to three different places for invoicing, project creation, and payment.”

Jonathan Alumbaugh, freelance graphic designer

Each aspect of our platform is designed to connect all aspects of your business, so you can put more money into your pockets without ever switching tabs. From creating a scope to sending an invoice to receiving payment, Wethos provides a powerful, secure solution to track your money throughout every step of a project.

Ready to level up your business?