Wethos CEO Rachel Renock on the IBM ThinkLeaders Podcast


If female-run startups outperform male-run startups, why is there a massive disparity in funding? What cultural changes need to take place in order to increase women in STEM careers? How can men be allies to women in tech?

In this episode of IBM thinkLeaders podcast, we are joined by guests Rachel Renock (CEO of Wethos) & Preeti Adhikary (VP of marketing, Fusemachines). We talk to Rachel and Preeti about the importance of mentorship, the responsibility of marketers to flip the script, and making gender equity a business priority.

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“It’s one thing to put women in positions of power, open doors of opportunity. It’s another thing to have those places be welcoming. People have to be cognizant of different working styles and different strengths and weaknesses and that ultimately makes a stronger team.” -Rachel Renock, CEO of Wethos

“One of my big consistent advice to the women on my team is that they need to be authentic. Being able to share, even with your team who you are is really important. I feel like you shouldn’t really be carrying that mask and showing people a very different side of who you are.” — Preeti Adhikary, VP of marketing at Fusemachines”

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