12 Best Wethos Scopes for Cross-Selling to Clients

Did you know you can increase your revenue, secure more work, and expand your freelance business — without having to land new clients?

Instead of always searching for your next client, look to the ones right in front of you. Your current clients are your best source of business — and a great way to secure ongoing work with them is through cross-selling. 

Below, let’s go over what cross-selling is and how you can do it using these scope of work templates from Wethos.

What is Cross-Selling?

For freelancers, cross-selling is when you propose a service to your client that is related to the service they’ve already hired you for. For example, if a client has already hired you to create Instagram content for them, cross-selling TikTok content creation would make sense. 

It’s important to note that cross-selling is different from upselling. According to Salesforce, upselling is when you offer a more expensive service than the one the client initially came to you for. The key to cross-selling is not to oversell, but to consider what would supplement or add value to the current project or service. 

When done right, cross-selling can be beneficial for both you and your client. Not only does cross-selling enable you to secure more work with the same client (and increase revenue without putting more effort into business development), but you’ll also get more integrated with their business which will help create long-term value for them.

12 Best Wethos Scopes for Cross-Selling to Clients

Ready to start cross-selling? Below are several scope of work templates from Wethos’ free library of templates to give you some ideas.

DE&I Services

If you developed a Corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy for your client, consider cross-selling a Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Workshop. A DE&I strategy focuses on auditing existing procedures and structure, as well as setting high-level goals and metrics to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. And a DE&I workshop is the perfect next step. A workshop can take the strategy learnings even further and help your client get more hands-on training.

Paid Media

Are you a freelance paid media strategist? If you’re working on a Paid Social Media Campaign for a client, you could cross-sell a Paid Search Campaign. Because the paid social media campaign scope of work covers most of the background work, you should already be filled in on the client’s digital presence and reach. This makes it easy to launch a paid search campaign if it makes sense for their online goals.

Social Media

A comprehensive Social Media Strategy covers a lot of valuable work: strategy sessions, developing creative assets, and building countless lists and content calendars. After getting so well-versed with your client’s new social media strategy, it makes sense to cross-sell ongoing Social Media Support on a monthly basis. Or, depending on your or your team’s expertise, you could even add influencer marketing into the mix with a Social Media & Influencer Marketing scope of work.

Event Production

Do you work in events? If you and your team have secured a full-scale Event Production scope of work, you can easily cross-sell a Livestream Event Production if the client wants to offer a virtual option for attendees.


If you’re working with a client on a Website Design project and they’re looking for more ways to get the most out of their investment, you could offer additional services like a Web Accessibility Audit or Web Analytics. These scopes add value to the website, and since you’re the one designing it, you would know how to best integrate these elements.

Ready to start cross-selling?