Graphic with a list of Wethos' Top Scopes of 2022

Wethos’ Top Scopes of 2022: How to use them to level up your business in 2023

We’re happy to report that the freelance economy is stronger than ever — a whopping 60 million people freelanced in the U.S. this year.

And as more people make the leap into freelancing, one thing becomes clear from the start: accurately pricing your services is essential to growing your business. 

We know how hard pricing your freelance services can be. That’s why we have an entire library of free scope of work templates that are powered by community-backed pricing data from freelancers just like you. 

And this year, there were a few scopes that stood out the most. 

Here are the scopes you’ve been loving and using this year — and how you can use them to grow your freelance business in the year ahead.

1. Social Media Strategy

It’s not hard to understand why our top social media strategy scope of work template is so popular. Not only are social media strategy services highly sought-after in our digital world, but this template has a price tag that matches the value of those services. The deliverables outlined in this scope add up to over $26K in value.

A social media strategy scope of work can cover a wide range of services for different platforms. This specific scope is all-encompassing and includes everything from conducting background research to developing a content and channel growth plan to putting together guidelines and best practices. It also focuses on five platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. 

If you’re a social media strategist or manager, ask yourself: Are you charging enough for social media services? How could expand your offerings? For example, perhaps you’ve mainly offered content creation services and want to explore adding influencer or partnership strategy into the mix. Or maybe you’ve primarily focused on channels like Instagram and TikTok but know there’s value in YouTube and want to start including that in your strategies. 

Use this scope of work template to identify which services you could expand on or how you can adjust your pricing.

2. Website Redesign

At the start of a new year, many businesses are considering ways to give their brand a refresh which means now is the perfect time to pitch a website redesign. The goal of a website redesign is to provide a general update to the visual and branded elements of a website in order to improve functionality or user experience, and increase traffic. This calls for the expertise of a freelance CMS developer, UX designer, or content strategist.

If you’re a freelancer in one of these roles, team up for a website redesign project to level up your business in 2023. 

Our popular website redesign scope of work template makes it easy to price a project of this size by breaking down the scope into three phases: exploration, design, and development. You can easily adjust the scope depending on the project or the client’s needs.

3. Marketing Retainer (10 months)

Retainers are a great way to secure recurring work as a freelancer. Not only do they offer more sustainability for your business, but retainers allow you to really dive into your work with a client and provide more ongoing value than a one-off project would. 

For freelance marketers, our top marketing retainer scope of work template outlines a 10-month project and is priced at over $46K.

If you offered copywriting, graphic design, or social media management services in 2022, consider joining forces with your fellow marketing freelancers to earn more in the upcoming year. You can use this template to team up and secure an even bigger client or project than you may have as a solo copywriter or social media manager. 

Or, if you want to use this template as a solo freelancer, adjust the template and use the monthly retainer section as a guide for pricing and pitching your services for recurring work with a client.

4. Branding

Another one of our most popular scopes is this branding scope of work template. For freelance brand strategists or designers, a brand strategy project can be a great way to exercise a wide skillset across strategy and execution and can be applied to every industry or company. 

Our top template includes a range of deliverables — everything from establishing a client’s unique value propositions to writing taglines and developing color palettes. If you offer branding services, use this scope of work template to see how your current offerings align with what other freelancers charge and offer for this type of project. 

You may realize that you haven’t been charging for certain deliverables and may be leaving money on the table as a result. For example, audits are a commonly overlooked service, yet this template includes an audit as a deliverable that’s worth $1,500. 

By taking advantage of this free branding scope of work template, you could level up your branding business just by making a few adjustments to your pricing.

5. Infographic

Whether you’re building a side hustle or just getting your freelance content or graphic design business off the ground, our popular infographic scope of work template offers a great starting point. 

While the one-off project is on the smaller side, it’s substantial. Infographics are used to present complex or data-heavy information in a visual way, which means they’re a valuable marketing tool for large companies and small startups alike. An infographic project can be an effective way to get your foot in the door when it comes to freelancing or exploring a new industry. 

If you’re a content strategist or graphic designer considering freelancing in 2023, you can use this scope of work template to launch your business. Easily adjust the deliverables or pricing to fit the project’s needs, and you’re ready to start pitching your services and building your business in the new year.

Ready to start scoping?