What goes into a film production scope of work template?

Lights, camera, action! Film production is not a light lift — it requires the expertise of multiple independents. If you want to team up for a film production project worth over $20K, check out our top film production scope of work template.

Welcome to Scope Smarter, Not Harder, a series from Wethos highlighting our services and scope of work templates from the Wethos Services Library. In this installment, we’re highlighting our Film Production scope of work template!

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Here’s our breakdown of a Film Production scope of work so you know how to charge for your next project!

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Film Production scope of work total: $20,050

Phase 1: Development for $4,200

Three roles will team up for this scope of work: a creative director, production manager, and  video editor. This project is a perfect example of how teaming up can help you earn more.

The creative director will kick off the film production scope of work by creating the essential elements needed to begin pre-production. This includes everything from creating storyboards and a beat sheet to developing creative treatment to determining the art direction of the film.

Phase 2: Pre-Production for $5,700

Next, the production manager will step in to develop comprehensive preparations for the production days for the shoot. This phase is where a bulk of the preparation will be done. 

The production manager will research talent and casting, lead pre-interview meetings with talent, scout locations for the shoot, as well as book the locations and figure out rentals and permits. 

To close out the pre-production phase, the production manager is also responsible for figuring out hospitality needs, creating a shot list, and creating a pre-production document.

Phase 3: Production for $4,500

It’s showtime! For shoot day, the creative director will lead production to make sure everyone is aligned with their roles and on the same page about what shots need to be completed. 

Not only will they lead the production team, which includes the production manager, assistant director, and any production assistants, but the creative director is also responsible for leading the video crew. This three-person team includes the producer or director, the director of photography, and a production sound mixer or assistant.

Phase 4: Post Production for $5,650

For the final phase of the film production scope of work, the video editor will come in to work their magic and execute the full post-production process. 

The video editor will edit existing video into a promotional asset of 10 minutes or less that can be used in high fidelity environments such as conference presentations.

Meanwhile, the production manager is responsible for managing post-production assets and storage which includes providing all streaming videos to speakers and making it accessible to necessary parties.

To complete the film production scope of work, the creative director will hand over final deliverables to the client in the final format(s) agreed upon.

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