What goes into a paid search campaign scope of work template?

Are you a paid media specialist? Here’s our breakdown of a Paid Search Campaign scope of work so you know how to charge for your next freelance project!

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Paid Search Campaign scope of work total: $19,050

With the amount of content that’s available online, our digital world is getting crowded — which means it’s increasingly more difficult for brands to get organic content in front of their target audience. This is where paid search and media comes into play. 

If you work in paid media, whether for search engines or social media, now is a great time to harness your expertise into a paid media search campaign scope of work for clients on a freelance basis.  

As a paid media specialist, clients will come to you to help them improve their online presence and reach through paid search campaigns and content strategy. 

Our top paid search campaign scope of work template breaks down this type of project into six phases:

  • Discovery for $1,500
  • Strategy for $5,400
  • Execution for $4,950
  • Reporting for $2,400
  • Handoff for $900
  • Ongoing for $3,900

There’s a lot that goes into a paid search campaign, which is why this scope of work template is comprehensive. It outlines each step that goes into the research, strategy, execution, and reporting of this project — and even includes commonly overlooked services like audits. 

The final phase is dedicated to ongoing services, which is ideal for freelancers that want to secure retainer work and give their business long-term stability.

How to pitch a paid search campaign scope of work

A paid search campaign scope of work as comprehensive as this one is valuable for a client that wants to expand their reach online — and they’re coming to you for your expertise. So, how do you pitch the project and successfully secure a new client?

Here are a few points to highlight:

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