With our new discover teammates feature, never miss an opportunity again

We’ve all been there — you’ve got a project on the hook but you just found out your go-to designer isn’t available. 

You start sweating a little, you text your friends for recommendations, you post in Slack communities and Facebook groups and within hours you’re inundated with portfolios. 

Great, now you have too much to comb through. You start sweating again. 

To save you from this rollercoaster of emotions, we’ve released a set of features around discovering teammates, so you can staff up to meet your clients’ needs at a moment’s notice.

The last thing we want you to do is turn down an opportunity because you can’t find the right person for the project. Instead of losing countless hours scheduling meetings, briefing people, sending emails and negotiating rates to finally get a designer two days later, get to that perfect someone immediately on Wethos.

Find the right teammate for a project faster than you can say “content strategy.”

Sometimes a client’s request can catch you off-guard. Shorter timeline? Last-minute addition to the scope? If you need more hands on the project, search the Wethos database of other Studios and Independents to find the right person, and quickly. 

Filter results based on your scope of work, see their past work, causes they care about, and availability. If they’re a good fit, invite them to your project and voila! You’re unblocked.

Make sure you’re prepared for the next curve ball by building your network from our database of creatives.

We know you love to meet new collaborators and your heart flutters a bit when you’re connected with someone really cool. Growing a network takes consistent energy, but we want you to be able to do it quickly without sacrificing quality. 

So, go ahead and find that (Strategist) who cares about (Eco-Justice) in (San Diego, CA) who will be (Available Soon) and is skilled in (Figma), or anyone else who fits your project needs. Save your contacts and organize them into groups for later outreach.

Discover and be discovered! We’ve created a beautiful home to showcase your talents, so let them shine. 

Really show off the breadth of your work on your Wethos profile. Once all your shiny projects are up, just set your availability, interests, and hit the “discover” tab to make some new friends!