Your services are the power behind your business

So, you run a service business. If you’re here, it’s likely a business around creative, strategy, content, or production. What we like to call, a studio.

At Wethos, studio services are everything. They power all the ins and outs of your business, so we built our whole system around just that. Check it out:

Yes, services get very specific into what you can deliver. For example, while you can create a scope for a rebrand, with that you’d likely be servicing clients by completing workshops, competitive research, personas, key messaging points, and even overseeing the brand designer and illustrators work. 

Your studio comes pre-loaded with a whole library of services so you can get up and running quickly. Services are the building blocks of creating scopes for your clients, they help you narrow down your search for teammates who can deliver, and they make it really easy to generate invoices for clients and keep track of how much you owe teammates.

That’s why services power Wethos. The more specific the service, the clearer communication between you and the client, because we know projects tend to change mid-way through (and we were made for that). The more services in your library, the more you can offer your clients, and the more you can grow your business.

So services aren’t just what you deliver in a scope, but what powers the intelligence of the system:

  • Services come with a recommended price, that you can easily adjust. Learn more about value-based pricing here.
  • Services have a role you can reassign at any time for your collaborators, and this automatically gives you a general budget breakdown for each teammate before inviting them.
  • Services can be given a timeline, that you can clarify the time needed to complete between all stakeholders. 
  • Services can even include a description or quantity, so expectations of what you’re providing are crystal clear between your studio, clients and collaborators.

Similar to how products power e-commerce businesses, services truly are the power of your studio business.

At Wethos, you set up your studio with the work you can do, the people you work with, and the brand that defines you. We know scaling your company means working with more people, so the system provides the transparency and flexibility you need to not only get the client on board, but to brief your favorite collaborators. So you can focus on the work you love to do, and let the system take care of the rest.

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